Infernal Glory

What do you mean Warlocks and Paladins don't mix?


The Blogger

I’m Gabe, and I’m a professionally employed web developer living on a little Caribbean island called Barbados. My major claim to fame is absolutely nothing, and I’m pretty sure I meander my way through life no better than the rest of you. But I have an insatiable wagging tongue (or fingers, except that the phrase ‘wagging fingers’ sounds less evocative and more creepy), which led to this blog.

At my core, I’m a gamer, because I seek to be entertained in life. And gaming is the most interactive medium for entertainment and escapism, so it was only natural that this particular hobby would become something I would find myself engrossed in. And while I develop websites to pay the bills, my goal is to actually be part of a development team for one of the major video game developers. Like Bioware. Or Blizzard.

As stated in my introduction post, I’ve been playing WoW since Vanilla, however my old account got eaten during the big Battle.Net merger of 2009. Because of the hassle (and cost) involved in re-buying the whole game, plus expansions, I let the game lie. Until Cataclysm, at which point I figured I knew enough people in-game for the purchase to be worth it. Besides, it’s not like I’d get hooked.

Which is why I have a level 85 main, close to being geared for raids. Yeah.

The Characters

My character choice for my main was made based off of an old character I had in BC, which I spent the most time on. Name, class, race, everything.

My alt paladin was a bit of a debate for me after I hit 85. I wanted a character that could handle the other two roles my main could not, which naturally meant that I had only two choices for class: Paladin or Druid. The introduction of Tauren Paladins for Cataclysm sealed my choice, as I wanted a massive character in big, beefy armour.

The Blog

Put simply, I started this blog because I found myself having a lot of things to say about WoW, and no good place to say them. Twitter is too bite-sized for me at times, and the comment sections of other blogs seemed like poor places to carry on conversations and debates. So, one quick WordPress setup later, and here I am.

Really, this should have hard-hitting, focused posts discussing varying aspects of World of Warcraft; lengthy diatribes on the joys of healing, tanking and dpsing; inspirational posts on putting together a raid group, and more. Instead, it will likely be me rambling and providing a source of entertainment for my readers.

Oh well, write what you know.


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